V i d h y a a s h r a m

Education For The Global Citizen

Vidhyaashram's commitment to preparing students to be global citizens reflects its belief in the .
power of education to make a positive difference in the world.


idhyaashram has been dedicated to providing a high-quality education to its students.

The college's faculty comprises of highly qualified and experienced educators who are committed to delivering innovative and engaging instruction that meets the evolving needs of students. We have been imparting quality education for the past 15 years ensuring that our students are prepared for not just exams but for life.

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  • Mission

  • Vision

  • Our Values

History Of Vidhyaashram

How we started and reached where we are now

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Building A Legacy

The college has continuously invested in improving its facilities and infrastructure to create a learning environment that is conducive to academic excellence.

Reasons For Choosing Vidhyaashram

The college has also been committed to promoting a culture of academic excellence and intellectual curiosity among its students. It has established a range of programs and initiatives that promote critical thinking, creativity, and innovation, and encourages students to pursue their interests and passions.

Our Management Team

K Rakesh Raje Urs

Chairman Rakesh Urs is an edupreneur, philanthropist and driving force of Vidhyaashram

Kushy Muthappa

Principal Kushy Muthappa is an educationist with a vast experience of 30 plus years and backbone of Vidhyaashram

Adarsh Lobo

Academics Dean Adarsh Lobo is the driving force of Academics at Vidhyaashram

Some Interesting Facts

There are things that can be measured and things that can't, but these are some numbers that we have measured over the years

  • 9500

    Global Careers Built

  • 40

    Businesses Built

  • 0

    University Toppers

  • 0

    Achievers Across Domains

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