V i d h y a a s h r a m

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, the academic learning process underwent a significant transformation over the past few months. For students and teachers alike, the practice of reading and acquiring knowledge has transitioned from textbooks to smartphones. Consequently, acquiring information has often been a complex process that has negatively impacted other aspects of one’s life, like mental health, a keen vision for learning, reading ability, and so forth.

However, creating a calm environment for the students to learn in when they resume face-to-face classes after the pandemic was more important than boosting their grades. As an outcome, providing an education that integrates academics, extracurricular activities, unique traditions, and a priority on emotional health and interpersonal evolution constitutes one of the biggest responsibilities in organisations.

Owing to its remarkable mantra of “Light and Prosperity,” Vidhyaashram retains a prominent status and affection across many individuals’ hearts. The kind of students that the nation deserves are those who can enlighten and prosper humanity by lifting up friendlier, more educated individuals who respect others and provide the finest rewards.

In addition to offering the strongest scholastic ambiance, Vidhyaashram consistently encourages its students to enjoy active lifestyles with a plethora of options. The college, which started off modestly only with 1 course, 9 students, and 3 faculty members, has grown rapidly to serve over 10,000 students and provide 33 UG programmes, 17 PG programmes, and 3 PG Diplomas. By fostering a friendly and productive workplace where students feel respected and inspired to perform at their fullest potential throughout the academic year, Vidhyaashram elevates the engagement proportion of both faculty and staff.

The college offers an attractive, eco-friendly campus together with the greatest facilities for effective learning. It also encourages the campus’s sports tradition, where students compete in regional, state, and national tournaments at various levels, in an effort to enhance a healthy mind by receiving resistance training. The institution also hosts intra- and intercollegiate fests that are a source of excitement and a chance to showcase the best talent across a range of disciplines. This follows the convention of moulding talented youngsters into well-rounded individuals and enhancing their aptitude for better accomplishments in life. Being a competent learner is not effortless work; it requires patience to get to your confident pace. Although, once active learning achieves its pinnacle, the person becomes a brilliant guide and steers the destiny.



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