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Education today is not limited to Classes, Exams and Presentations. Students need to prepare themselves for better employability. Whereas, many problems are faced during the transition from Education to Employment. That is when the curriculum of Industry-Aligned Programmes becomes truly remarkable. These Programs keep in touch with the ever-changing industries and prepare students with the necessary skills to fit in with these changes.

Many practically-oriented undergraduate programs are thriving to bridge the gap between academics and industry. Vidhyaashram  also provide two new-age BCA Programmes in association with leading companies such as CloudThat, Microsoft and IBM.

The Industry Aligned Programs offered by AIGS, in partnership with leading companies, are as follows:

Bachelor of Computer Application Cloud Computing
Bachelor of Computer Application Data Science/AI
Importance of Industry Aligned BCA Programmes
These Industry-Aligned Programmes are tailor-made by the experts working in the relevant field. It facilitates new-age learning and smooth career progression of students. The BCA Programs in Clouding Computing and Data Science/AI emerged due to the growing needs of the students and the industries.

The Classroom Sessions and Hands-on Trainings are also carried out by Industry Experts from leading companies like CloudThat, Microsoft and IBM. The trainers have real-time experience in these growing fields that helps students to enhance the knowledge and skills gained through these Programmes. This also helps students to remain updated with the latest developments of the IT Industry.

Technology is always changing. Technologies like AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Data Science are bringing about significant changes in the digital world. To cope with the ever-changing platforms, effectively designed programmes like BCA Cloud Computing and BCA Data Science/AI are necessary. Not only these programmes help students to be job-ready, but also enhance their learning experience by providing them opportunities to have real-time experiences of whatever they have learned through the classroom sessions. The subject matter of these Programmes are also specifically designed to keep in touch with the updated and latest technologies.

Another perk of the Industry-Aligned BCA Programmes are the certifications offered by our Industry Partners. In the current time, students struggle to achieve certifications from leading companies. Whereas, the industry-aligned Programmes of AIGS has merged these certification programmes with academic curriculum. With these certificates, the students from the Industry-Aligned BCA Programmes have an added advantage. They can stay one step-ahead in the journey towards a rewarding career.

Let us elaborate a bit more about the Industry-Aligned BCA Programmes offered by Vidhyaashram in association with leading companies.

Bachelor of Computer Application Cloud Computing
The BCA Cloud Computing Programme is offered by Vidhyaashram in association with CloudThat and Microsoft.

What is Cloud Computing?
With the emergence of Internet Service Providers, Cloud Computing is gaining new significance. Cloud Computing is a way through which users can utilize computer system resources, whenever required. Moreover, cloud computing also helps users to store and manage their data with the help of service providers. The advantages of cloud computing include smooth and cost-effective functioning of modern companies. Modern companies are always looking for skilled Cloud Computing professionals as cloud technology has become an essential component in the IT world. The BCA Cloud Computing – salary varies depending on several factors such as job role, experience, location, industry, and company size. However, on average, BCA Cloud Computing graduates can expect to earn a starting salary of around INR 3.5 to 5 lakhs per year in entry-level positions such as Cloud Support Engineer, Cloud Operations Analyst, Cloud Application Developer, Cloud Security Analyst, or Cloud Solution Architect.

Course Content
The subject matter of BCA Cloud Computing familiarizes students with cloud concepts and cloud models. Students also get to learn the fundamentals of cutting-edge technologies like IoT, Power Platforms, and DevOps. Some other prominent course content would include Cloud Computing, AWS/Azure, Cloud Migration, SAP, Cloud Security, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and a lot more. Moreover, students can explore the use of creating dashboards, security frameworks, training models, and real-world Applications.

Bachelor of Computer Application Data Science/AI
Vidhyaashram, in partnership with IBM, offers students the career-oriented and practically-applicable course of BCA Data Science/AI. The collaboration with IBM makes Vidhyaashram one of the best BCA Data science colleges in Bangalore.

What is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence?
The digital revolution has made Data Science and AI an important part of our lives.

Many companies worldwide have realized the importance of recording, analyzing, and storing data. The overwhelming flow of data in the modern world requires a great many professionals working in the field of Data Science. Data science jobs also include the temping role of a Data Scientist. Students who excel in both Mathematical and Analytical skills are often interested in building a career as a Data Scientist.

Artificial Intelligence is a cutting-edge technology that is shaping the future of humanity. It is emerging and evolving continuously. It currently focuses on aspects such as speech recognition, translation tools, etc. Data Science also utilizes certain AI techniques.

Course Content
BCA Data Science/AI is an interdisciplinary field of study. It applies scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insight from noisy, structured, and unstructured data. The BCA Data Science syllabus focuses on the ways to store, manage and evaluate different types of data. The courses also train students to deal with data-related problems.

The BCA programme in Data Science/AI is an excellent choice for students who want to pursue a career in the field of technology as it prepares them for professions that are in-demand in the current job market.

The Industry-aligned programs are becoming quite essential in the current time. The conceptual theories of academics often fail to prepare students effectively for their skill-specific jobs. Moreover, the curriculum of these Programs are also not updated frequently. Although, with the implementation of NEP, academic courses are starting to change.

Educational Policies today are attempting to bridge this gap between Classroom Education and Industry Requirements. Thus, it can be seen that the world of higher education is changing. And with these changes, the Industry-Aligned Programmes are more important than ever. These Programmes represent the future of Higher Education.

The programmes offered by Vidhyaashram, in association with CloudThat, Microsoft and IBM, provides IT enthusiasts with a great opportunity to learn in detail about Cutting-edge Technologies. These learner-friendly programmes focus on the needs of students and ensure better employability.


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