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Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is one of the most demanding courses to pursue as a career in the information technology industry. Irrespective of the stream Commerce, Arts or Science has chosen at class 12th, this course offers lots of opportunities in Information Technology. The Bachelor in Computer Applications(BCA) curriculum offers numerous career options to choose from for all the aspirants who desire to pursue their career in the IT industry such as Graphic Designers, Faculty/Teacher in Educational Institutions, a Software developers in organizations, System Maintenance, Game designer and Tester, Web Designer,
Digital Marketer, and Data Analyst to name a few. PSU (Govt Departments & Agencies) and
MNCs are looking for BCA candidates with the best skill set.

After 10+2 is BCA a good course to opt?

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a three-year programme separated into 6 semesters. It is a perfect career option for candidates who want to dive and grow in the digital world. Bachelor of Computer Applications scope is vast in the strong competitive environment in the current scenario. Online BCA makes one proficient in the field of Big
Data and Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and Cyber Security. The student will also get opportunity to learn web application development, graphic designing, server administration and others. With the variety of subjects offered, after completing the BCA course students can join as a Programmer, Software Tester, Data Analyst and move higher up in the career.

What are the advantages of pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Applications degree?

A Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) develops theoretical and practical abilities ofstudents in computer skills. Bachelor of computer applications syllabus consists of latest intechnologies closely designed as per industry demands, facilitating individual to getemployed in multinational IT firms. The curriculum encompasses numerous disciplinescovering each and every aspects starting from basics to more advanced topics with thecollaboration of Industry partners such as Microsoft, Redhat, Palto Academy, Xebia andothers.

Placement Opportunities

Bachelor of Computer Applications degree graduates have numerous jobs in variouscorporate sectors. Bachelor of computer applications syllabus is professionally designed insuch a way that there variety of companies who can offer job after successful completion ofthe course. The IT sector is the booming sector which has undefined options and during this pandemic various new opportunities are created. The prospects of these IT industries will grow in exponential manner in terms of creating job opportunities. IT professional’s requirement is there in the global market not confined just to India. A successful graduate of BCA are eligible for placement in major IT giants like IBM, Oracle, Infosys, and Google.

Benefits of studying Bachelor of Computer Applications
Studying Computer Applications has numerous benefits:

  • It is easy to find a job
  • People with Computer Applications degree can work in many IT fields and in a variety of positions. Almost every organization needs employee with technologically sound with relevant BCA degree.
  • Computer Applications transform the world.
  • The IT knowledge you acquire at university will enable you to create applications and programs that have the chance to change the world. Apps like Paytm ,Zomato have changed the thought process of millions.Bachelor of computer applications syllabus is designed in such a way that the combination of a great idea and your IT skills will lead to innovative ideas, which will take humanity forward.
  • A Course in Computer Applications will provide you powerful and useful skills
  • BCA online will enhance your talents and make you a very valuable employee to many Companies.
  • Overall and Detailed IT Knowledge
  • If you choose BCA online, you will also gain a broader understanding of problems, which can give you an advantage when solving complex problems
  • Earn High Income

Bachelor of computer applications syllabus and scope enables you to earn high income
because of the skill set gained through BCA online.

  • Integration of Industry and IT professionals
  • One of the great benefits of learning is the opportunity to meet a large number of people from the industry that we want to be experts in. BCA online, helps to achieve connectivity with Industry and Technical Experts effectively and efficiently through regular sessions.
  • No Matter Where You Live, You Can Work and Earn
  • BCA online offers freedom to learn at your own pace. An IT professional has numerous opportunities to earn when they are studying. There is already a complete bunch of sites, organizations on Facebook and corporations associating so-called digital nomads.
  • The Future Is Very Well Secure
  • Bachelor in Computer Applications course details will show how various important subjects are integrated under BCA Online leading to a well secure career.


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