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Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)

The program is intended to meet the rising demand for graduates with a solid business education and the specialized abilities to assist organizations in understanding their consumers, forecasting future demand, and making efficient choices using big data. Students will learn how to utilize industry-standard analytics software and build the mathematical abilities needed to derive insights from a variety of data sources, including internet and social media data.

  • 3-year professional course in Business Management

  • The course is open to students from all the streams Science, Arts, & Commerce.

  • Duration: 3 years / BBA Hons – 4 years

  • Campus: Vidyaashram

  • Admission & Fee Structure

  • Eligibility: 50% aggregate score in 10 + 2 equivalent in any stream from a recognised board.

Follow your Dreams

    Why opt for BBA?

    BBA is the ideal choice for those who want to pursue a career in management or business after Class 12. One has to have excellent leadership and managerial abilities if they want to have a successful career in the business and corporate sphere due to the fierce competition. A student who pursues a BBA after graduating from high school will have access to a variety of employment options. BBA graduates who want to advance quickly in the management and business fields might also choose to pursue additional education, such as an MBA. Here are several justifications for enrolling in a BBA programme:

    • A step-up for students who want to succeed in the business and management fields. The BBA is the ideal professional degree to launch your career in any company or launch your own business.
    • After learning in-depth managerial and technical skills, the candidates can work in a variety of sectors. It also aids them in landing a job with a competitive salary.
    • The BBA degree will help students gain a better grasp of the market requirements and numerous worldwide trends needed for this field's varied vocations. Additionally, it improves employment prospects and makes it possible for recent graduates to obtain a competitive salary.
    • The BBA programme will provide the information needed to pursue additional studies in the area. Additionally, it helps the candidates strengthen their people, management, leadership, and entrepreneurial abilities.
    • Students who have a BBA degree have greater options to work overseas and advance their professional development.
    • 1st Semester

    • 2nd Semester

    • 3rd Semester

    • 4th Semester

    • 5th Semester

    • 6th Semester


    1st Semester

    Digital fluency
    Marketing management
    Fundamentals of Business A/cg
    Economics – Pre reforms India
    Management Principles & Practice


    2nd Semester

    Business Environment
    Human Resource Management
    Financial A/cg & Reporting
    Environmental Studies


    3rd Semester

    Organization Behaviour
    Cost Accounting
    Business Statistics
    Artificial Intelligence
    Constitution of India


    4th Semester

    Financial Management
    Financial Market & Services
    Management A/cg
    Financial Awareness
    Political science


    5th Semester

    Business statistics -I
    Tax Management -I
    Company Law
    Business Research Methods
    Financial Management - I
    HRM-I Human Resource Management
    FM II – Working Capital Management
    HRM II – Human Resource Development


    6th Semester

    Entrepreneurship & small Business Management
    Business Statistics – II
    Tax Management – II
    Business Policy
    Company Law
    FM III – Financial Services
    HRM III - Performance appraisal and Compensation Management
    FM IV – Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
    HRM IV- Employee Empowerment & Industry Relation


    • BBA courses, like any other courses, require certain talents to pursue. Some of the necessary BBA abilities are listed below.
    • BBA degrees are appropriate for those looking to pursue an MBA or work in management.
    • Candidates interested in starting their own firm or becoming entrepreneurs might consider the BBA programme.
    • Individuals who are passionate and ethical, and who are loyal to themselves, can take this course and try their hand at business.
    • The course assists students in understanding industry demands and diverse worldwide trends. This BBA expertise is useful for individuals who want to work in the market.
    • Students who intend to work in business administration and eventually pursue an MBA should definitely take this course.


    We present a distinguished group of faculties of high repute and industry experience

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    Ian Hutson

    Ph.D. , University of Chicago

    Chair, Department of Art and Design

    Awesome Image

    Lillian Stella

    Ph.D. , Free University Berlin

    Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Design

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