V i d h y a a s h r a m

Rahul Kashyap

For me sports run in my veins. Of late I realized how true it is! Being an ardent sportsman it’s very important to balance academics and co-curricular activities and it […]

Harshitha B J

My camera lens caught the best College that supports me to elevate my passion towards photography and needless to say it’s Vidhyaashram for me! Photography is my passion and this […]

Mahathi Mohan

A good education helps us makes sense of the world and ­find our way in it. I always sought the best quality of education with a belief that success and […]

Deepesh Bohra

The right leader emerges out of a right platform and without an iota of doubt, that platform has been Vidhyaashram for me. Promising to fulfil the needs of the institution. […]

Subhash N C

Out of all the talents that God has bestowed in me, the one I appreciate is the finesse of yoga and the sensibility in choosing Vidhyaashram as my choice of […]